Best Facebook Groups to Find Remote Jobs

If you are looking for a remote job, Facebook Groups is a great place to start your search. Browse through this list of Facebook Groups that you could join to help you land your dream remote job.

Nowadays, traditional job boards and newspapers are less ideal ways to find remote jobs. Companies that post remote jobs tend to have a strong online presence and therefore resort to social media channels to promote any vacancies. One of the most popular methods is to post on Facebook groups. On the flip side, most skilled workers are increasingly looking at Facebook Groups to find remote jobs.

Facebook Groups have worked wonders for many remote companies especially because it’s a very convenient way to reach out to the ideal audience. And if you’re a beginner at remote working, this is a great place to start. There are many groups that are specific to job roles such as development, design, copywriting etc which you can be part of too.

Though there are location specific job groups, we will focus on ones that post only remote jobs, i.e. those jobs that you can work by being anywhere in the world.

This article explains why you must use Facebook Groups to find remote jobs and will list down the best ones that can help you land your dream remote job.

Why Facebook Groups?

Using Facebook Groups to find remote jobs
Using Facebook Groups to find remote jobs has grown in popularity

Facebook Groups are a great place to start looking for remote jobs. As mentioned above, most tech-savvy companies that have remote job openings are likely to look for more social ways of filling in the positions, and the most popular option is Facebook Groups.

Most people spend time on Facebook and you are more likely to find like-minded individuals concentrated within these groups. Also, it’s much better than the traditional approach of submitting CV/resumés as on Facebook, you can easily to a face to a name.

How to find remote jobs using Facebook Groups

Before you join any of the Facebook groups mentioned below, you need to ensure that your Facebook profile is optimised for potential hirers. This is important because your profile is the first thing most employers see as you engage with them on job post requests.

The approach to using Facebook Groups to find remote jobs is fairly straightforward:

  • Join the list of groups that interests you – though most groups are general, there are ones that specialise in specific fields. Watch out for them!
  • In the case of private groups, you may need to answer certain questions to filter if you’re the right fit.
  • Read the rules of the group! It’s a good reminder on how to behave within the group.
  • Once you’re in, scan the posts within those groups on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Engage with other members within the group so your profile gets noticed.
  • Comment on the post if you’re interested in any specific job posts. Maybe even ask for permission to DM. NEVER send an inbox message directly! It’s against most group rules.

Choosing the right Facebook Groups to find remote jobs

At this stage, you need to ensure that you join the Facebook Groups that are just right for you! Else, you’re going to be bombarded with irrelevant posts which may in fact be counter productive as you’d miss the ones that are useful to you. Below are some tips to take note of:

Read the rules and description of the group

As mentioned above, make sure you read what the group is about. It can help you gauge if it’s one that is worth joining. Also read the rules before you post anything. If you are going against them, you will likely get kicked out.

Check how active the group is

This is a good indicator if the members in the group are actively engaging with the rest. Though this does not give any indication of the quality of posts, it can definitely help you understand if the group is active.. or dead!

Facebook Activity: One of the indicators to decide if the group is worth joining

Avoid groups that are spammy

This is usually the case in larger public groups (around 20,000 members or more) where the posts are less engaging, spammy and of low quality. Avoid such groups and leave them immediately as it may look bad on your profile.

Join ones that are most applicable to you

Most importantly, ensure you join the ones that makes most sense to you. For example, if you’re looking for remote jobs in Web Design, Facebook Groups relating to UI/UX may be more applicable to you instead of social media.

Also, most groups have filtering questions which can help you understand if this is the right one for you.

Check the number of admin/moderators for the group

If there’s just 1 admin for a group of 50,000+ members, it is likely that the posts on this group are spammy and not well moderated.

Go in to the members section to learn more about the team running the group and get to know them better before joining the group.

List of the best Facebook Groups to find remote jobs

1. Digital Nomad Jobs – Remote Work From Anywhere

135,000+ members | 404 posts per month

This is one of my favourite groups as it provides a comprehensive resource for all digital nomads who are looking for remote jobs. Additionally, they also have mentors listed on their profile that can help you become successful at any area that you would like to specialise in.

They help you connect and network with other freelancers, entrepreneurs, DNs, business owners and customers. What I love most about this group is that they have scheduled days to allow members share related (on-topic) insider articles, exchange skills or cooperate on projects and also self-promote their skills/services!

This explains why the engagement rate on this group is comparatively high!

2. Digital Nomad Jobs: Remote Job Opportunities

85,000+ members | 90 posts per month

This is a widely popular group and is a great resource to find credible remote job opportunities on Facebook. It’s run by the team at and have been doing an incredible job at moderating the posts to ensure it is relevant. The admins claim that these remote job opportunities are “vetted and hand-picked by the digital nomad community!”

3. Digital Nomad Jobs – Remote Jobs @ letsworkremotely

57,000+ members | 190 posts per month

This is another group moderated by the team at Letsworkremotely. Similar to the one above, they provide some great remote working job posts around the world.

4. Remote & Travel Jobs & Life (by Pangian)

53,000+ members | 22 posts per month

Though the overall engagement on this group is comparatively low, it has some valuable resources relating to remote jobs, working as a digital nomad, and in general for those who are “aspiring break free from office cubicle and commute time.” It’s backed by Pangian – a community platform that posts remote job opportunities around the world.

5. Remote Jobs, Work Anywhere – Inventive Hub

75,000+ members | 469 posts per month

This is a very highly engaging group that gives creatives, professionals and entrepreneurs a chance to engage with potential hires and also discuss remote working opportunities across any field any where in the world! It also provides a platform to be a part of the network that connects you with companies offering remote jobs.

6. Digital Nomad Girls Community

32,000+ members | 270 posts per month

This is more of a community platform than a job board and it’s specifically for location independent women around the world! Their mission is to connect, inspire and empower (aspiring) digital nomad girls!

I’ve included it in here because it’s very engaging and it’s a great place to start for those who are aspiring to adopt a digital nomadic lifestyle. You can join their newsletter which includes curated job posts from the group.

Final thoughts

Though there are several Facebook Groups that you could consider joining, I’ve picked the ones that I personally found them to be more engaging, resourceful and quite possibly the best ones out there. Keep watching this space as I will add more to this list as I come across them.


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