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Remote Academy was initiated with the intention of helping those who are stuck with their 9-5 jobs and really want to get away from it. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s all that bad, but a majority admit that they are not happy with their job.

Think about it, do you wake up excited to get off the bed and get ready to commute to work? If you are, then I’m genuinely happy that you have a job that you’re satisfied with. Unfortunately, most don’t feel the same.

According to a particular study, only 20% of American employees feel enthusiastic about their jobs (Source: Leftronic.com). I have a feeling it’s a similar percentage around the world too. This is particularly worrying considering that you spend a significant portion of your time working at a job that you don’t enjoy.

So here’s where I try to step in with Remote Academy.

At Remote Academy, my hope is to provide as much resources as possible to help you make that transition from a full-time employee to an independent remote business owner. There are many ways you can go about this transition and I’m not going to go into detail right now, but this should give you an idea of what I want to achieve.

A little about me…

I used to work at a corporate for 2 years as a Business Analyst at an export-led bluechip company. I must admit, I wasn’t entirely unhappy with my job. Though the pay wasn’t great, I settled for less in return for the experience/exposure.

However, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the corporate culture itself. It felt too rigid, and didn’t particularly enjoy the idea of organisational hierarchy. In other words, I was deprived of my making my own choice.

To have the choice of working whenever I want from wherever I want.

So I took the leap and started my own entrepreneurial journey. I wanted to work on something that will give me the freedom of being location independent, and also eventually financially independent too.

Fast forward to 2018, I was able to establish a fully remote web agency in addition to other side gigs that has kept me going so far.

I love the concept of remote work. The internet has brought me, and so many like-minded internet entrepreneurs, great opportunities to be able to work online and earn much more than what I could earn from my full time job.

But it’s not just about the money. And it definitely doesn’t end here. I am fully aware that I can do better. In terms of building better systems, connecting with more people online, creating more income streams and most importantly, building a strong community of like-minded remote business owners.

And these are all what I hope to achieve with Remote Academy.

Where it’s currently at (as at July 2021)…

Remote Academy was established 2 months ago (May 2021). That was when I really started to focus on putting this together and populating with content that you will hopefully find useful.

Here’s what I have in mind for now:

  • Create a newsletter where I’ll be sharing insights, updates and tips to help you start an online business, build multiple income streams online and eventually become financially independent!
  • Create a list of tools in an easily sortable manner so you could use them as a reference when working on your remote business. These would be categorised based on use cases and topics such as project management, content marketing, SEO, website design & development, email marketing, affiliate marketing etc.
  • Create a database of freelance remote opportunities that you can get started while working on your full-time job. My hope is to populate several routes you could take as a freelancer based on your interest. Each route will have an action plan along with the relevant tools, courses, books and guides curated from various sources online. This will serve as your manifesto to take action!
  • Share business trends matched with a side hustle idea that you can easily execute in your spare time. This will cover areas like the pain points the idea hopes to solve, the target market to serve, current players in the market, tools needed to execute and the business model for you to monetise the idea. My hope is to also provide you as much relevant resources for you to easily get started, including landing page templates, marketing strategy, copy templates and more.

Hope you can hop on this journey and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. ✌🏽

You can also follow me @ChatsWithUmar on Twitter where I’ll be sharing my journey more frequently.

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