11 useful apps to manage a remote team

While working remotely, teams need to adapt to the right use of tools for seamless communication and collaboration on their various engagements. In achieving this, there are team management apps that you could download to your smartphones to manage a remote team.

These mobile apps are available for download for iOS and Android users. They are classified into various functions, video conferencing, collaboration, team management, etc.

Here is a list of 11 useful mobile apps to manage a remote team.

1. Slack

A collaboration and communication tool that organizes team chats into thread discussions, file sharing (projects, topics)and enables multiple integrations. With Slack, teams can work with Google Drive, Office 365 amongst over 1,900 integrations. A free plan allows up to 10 integrations and 10,000 messages. You can upgrade to a paid plan starting at $6.67 per month for a user.

2. Trello

The collaboration app enables teams to share updates on projects (ongoing, completed)via lists, note cards, and boards. With the app, teams can add up deadlines, attachments and make comments directly on the note cards. It also enables integrations with real-time applications. A free plan allows up to 10 team boards, while a paid plan starts at $9.99 per month for a user.

3. Fuze

This videoconferencing and audio call app enables messaging and content sharing with multiple one-on-one calls which can run simultaneously. With Fuze, you can send in content of different types (images, documents, links), while managing your to-do lists as a team. It offers a paid plan starting at $15 per month.

4. Monday.com

The apps offer ease with team management by enabling the setting of schedules, daily workflows, time tracking and real-time updates on tasks for your team. You can also customize your boards using templates and the drag-and-drop block feature to understand processes for project executions and easy visualization. The paid plan starts at $39 per month.

5. Microsoft Teams

This collaboration app works to provide your team with access to Microsoft tools while integrating the people (chats, channels)and their content on a single hub. You can access, edit and share file types (documents, presentations, spreadsheets)in real-time. It works with office 365 on a paid plan starting at $8.25 per month.

6. Asana

The app functions as a project and team management tool. With Asana, the team can prioritize project deadlines, assign tasks, share details and get notifications on projects they follow. Interestingly all functions highlighted are automated. Asana offers a free plan for a maximum of 15 users in a team, bigger teams will need the paid plan starting at $10.99 per month.

7. Wrike

For a visual team that values feedback, this tool comes in handy. Wrike is a project management tool, which enables team collaboration and planning on various tasks simultaneously. You can customize project dashboards, share reports using interactive Gantt charts, send messages, images, videos as feedback on projects. Wrike offers a free basic plan for up to 5 users and a paid plan starting at $9.80 for a user per month.

8. Smartsheet

Also a project management tool, but Smartsheet is as its name implies, a project sheet tool that enables the use of sheet to successfully run tasks. It allows project and workflow planning, remote data collection (via images, Barcelona scan, forms), integrations with other apps, and provides access to templates. The Smartsheet plan starts at $14 per month.

9. podio

Podio is an app built to understand the uniqueness of every project. Hence it provides several apps with workspaces for a customized experience and the right collaboration on every project. Upload reports, project budget, set deadlines, and communication on-the-go t using project activity streams. Podio offers a paid plan starting at $9 per month for a user.

10. ProofHub

An all-in-one tool that enables you to manage your projects, team, and clients. ProofHub gives you control on project status, activities and relevant updates for decision-making. Receive updates on assigned projects, visualize projects using Gantt charts and keep to work plan with automated reminders, and calendar views. ProofHub paid plan starts at $45 per month for a maximum of 50 users and 40 projects with 15GB storage.

11. MeisterTask

This cloud-based task management app is an easy-to-use visual collaborative app. Its Kanban-style gives you a simple overview of all tasks and project progress. You get insight into your team’s productivity in the form of statistical reports with a build-in time tracker. MeisterTask offers a free plan for a maximum of 3 projects, and a paid plan for a user starting at $8.25 per month.


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